Inspiring Students and Leading Teachers for Twenty Years

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Alternative Learning Center ALC- Hana High and Elementary School (2003) 1998-2005

A unique micro school within a school to engage and inspire special education students in project based student, challenged-based Hawaiian centered curriculum.  Students explored ideas and built inquiry models based on their interests and geographical location in Hawaii and Hana.








Secondary Creative Writing Program- Kukulu Kumu Hana- Hana High and Elementary School (2002) 1998-2005

From the ground up, created a rigorous creative writing program with relevant modern Hawaii literature and classical examples of narrative form.  Two years in a row, selected students were invited to the Maui Writer's Conference.






Developed and Implemented Standards Based ELD, College Preparatory and Advanced Placement English Curriculum- Hana High and Elemenatry School (1998- 2005) 

As part of the new state superintendent's vision for standards based education Chris created a sound matriculated sequential curriculum guide using Mctighe and Wiggins Understanding by Design principles.  The guides included rubrics for assessing the soundness of lessons to the writing benchmarks and rubrics for each benchmark.



Instructional Supervision Specialist and Teacher Mentor (2003-2015)

Developed and implemented broad instruction supervision plan for Whittier Christian High School - 7 key indicators for effective teachers based on the research of Kim Marshall and also trained teachers to use teachboost.










Co Chairman (2009) of the Accreditation- WASC and ACSI Dual- 6 Year--Chairman (2015) of  the WASC and ACSI Accreditation- Awarded a 6 Year Cycle

APEXLEARNING Site Coordinator and Mentor 2003-2015 (Hana High School and Whittier Christian)

Site Coordinator and MentorParent contact and assessment specialist for blended learning at both Hana High and Elementary School and Whittier Christian High School













Co Chair of Quarterly Family Forums for three years- teens and technology, teen suicide, teen addiction, parenting well in the 21st century.  (2008-2014)

Held town hall discussions with current parents and leading specialists in the areas of focus.










Director of the iPad 1:1 Instructional Program at Whittier Christian High School


Whittier Christian High School exists to equip our students in the areas of academics, service, and leadership so that they may become the next generation of Christian thought leaders.  While the goals of highter-level thinking and lifelong learning have not changed, the tools and techniques of education have changed.  Students today must utilize current technology to compete both in education and career.  We are excited to introduce the 1:1 (Bring Your Own Decide) iPad Instructional Program to help them excel in our changing world.
















Created and Implemented the 6 Year Curriculum Development and Review Cycle 

Whittier Christian High School Custom High School Curriculum Based on National Standards and Common Core.