Herald Heartbeats

Living out the WCHS Mission: Teaching, Inspiring, and Preparing

 Here at WCHS, we love to celebrate our student and faculty achievements, especially when it comes to living out the core values of our mission: Equipping the Mind and Spirit. To give you a snapshot of the successes here on campus and beyond, we plan to send you a regular communication like this one titled Herald Heartbeats. Take a minute to catch a glimpse of the work God is doing in and through the Whittier Christian High School community.


Recently a group of over 30 WCHS students who are interested in entering the medical field had the opportunity to visit Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital (PIH), located in Whittier. The students were invited by Reanna Thompson, CFO of PIH , and Carmen Sweeney, Ms. Thompson's assistant, helped to map out the details of the day, which included up-close glimpses of medical care in surgery, radiology, obstetrics, cardiology, oncology, critical care, emergency care, laboratory, food services, pharmacy,and occupational therapy.

Students from our anatomy classes spent the day being instructed and  guided by hospital professionals through 13 different departments. Jennifer Schmitter, a teacher in the WCHS Science Department, is excited about the impact of this field trip: "Students were offered a "practical eye-opening experience to what working in the medical field involves." Led by doctors, nurses, and administrators, students witnessed varied positions within the medical profession, including dietitians, pharmacists, and technicians. "Not only doctors and nurses work in the hospital," notes Mrs. Schmitter, "It's good for students to see the range of possibilities within their selected career options."

WCHS thanks PIH for providing our students with this powerful opportunity.

The WCHS Science Department is living out the WCHS Mission ofTeaching, Inspiring, and Preparing.

AuthorChris Sanita