Chris Sanita aspires to bring change and dynamic education to students, faculty, staff, parents and community members using the 20 years of education experience, as an adept English teacher with a varied student base from English language learners, at-risk students, special education students to advance placement college ready students and as a educational leader and curriculum specialist so that intellectual development, social responsibility, school reform and college and career choices can be relevant, rigorous, and attainable for K-12 schools.



California Tier III Clear Administrative Services Credential k-12

California Teaching Credential English Language Arts 7-12

Hawaii State Teaching License English Language Arts 7-12



Bachelor of Arts- Sociology 1994, UC Davis

Graduate Degree, Single Subject Teaching Credential 1997, UC Irvine

UCI Alumni Spotlight

Masters of Science, Administrative Credential 2005, National University

What School Leaders are Saying About Chris Sanita

Bob Brown- Director of Administrative Service (former principal of Whittier Christian High School)

Chris's ability to understand students and his ability to develop teachers to do better and achieve more is exemplary.  His passion and vision for our school is second to none and he has been instrumental in our school's success


Carl Martinez- Head of School- Whittier Christian High School

Chris has a deep interest in curriculum development and working with teachers to perfect their craft.  He worked regularly with teachers to evaluate curriculum, experiemnt with instructional practices, and developed 21st century assessment tools.  Chris's strongest skill is his ability to build relationships.   


Richard Curran- Board Member at Whittier Christian High School and Attorney at Law (Two time winner of the "Attorney of the Year" for Orange County Bar Association)

I have talked with his present and former students, their parents and his school administrators and fellow teachers, each one has been highly complementary and uniformly praise his efforts.  Students and parents express their appreciation for his hard work,  his concern for them and for the progress the students achieved through his encouragement.

Rick Rutiz- Na Ma Hana ka' Ike- Hana Building Program- Founder and Executive Director

I am indeed impressed at how Chris came to Hana and rose to the immense challenge of changing our school climate from negativity to that of academic rigor and professionalism among the certificated and classified staff.  Chris excels as a coach and mentor as well , not just as a manager and leader of adults, but he truly inspired Hana students.

Frank Wicks- Principal of Mt. Eccles Elementary School- Cordova, Alaska

I would not have been as successful without Chris Sanita's assistance. His knowledge of Hana  School over the past seven years, his positive leadership as teacher,  Grade Level Chair, and Vice Principal, and his acceptance as a leader  for students, staff, parents, and community members was greatly  appreciated.  

As Vice Principal, Chris demonstrated strong organizational,  interpersonal, and leadership skills. He addressed ongoing student  discipline, staff morale and community relation issues with steady  care, respect, and professionalism. He regularly delivered a positive, intelligent, and informed perspective to meetings and provided effective leadership with parents, staff, and community.

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